Award Points Redemption Values

The above chart shows how easy points can turn into Vouchers.

Here’s an example: Let’s say your club has 15 members and each member purchases the required number of qualifying bags within 160 days. For this example, we’ll use the 35lb Adult Dog Formula, which has a point value of 500. After five months your club would have turned in 150 bags worth 75,000 points. These 75,000 points are redeemable for 15 product vouchers—good for 15 free bags of Chicken Soup for the Pet Loverís Soul brand pet food.

And speaking of activities, as a Preferred Breeder Club Member we would love to talk to you about presenting our “Pet Nutrition and Health” seminar at your next community-wide club activity. Again, this is only for Preferred Breeder Club Members.

Preferred Breeder Clubs Awards Program Eligibility and Award Points Rollover

Only individuals who are members of a breeder's club and breeder clubs are eligible to participate in the "Preferred Breeders Club" Awards Program.

Eligible individuals and breeder clubs meeting the required purchase(s) within 160 day intervals are eligible to roll-over points from a previous 160 day cycle. Individuals and clubs not meeting the minimum required purchase(s) within a 160 day cycle will forfeit all points for that 160 day buying cycle.

A 160 day buying cycle begins the day an individual's or breeder club's "Points Submittal Form" is received and runs consecutively until the program ends or an individual or breeder club is no longer eligible or an individual or breeder club withdraws from the program.